Use Groupee. Get $100. This weekend.

You might want to sit down for this.

For every person you create a group payment with this weekend via Groupee, we’ll give you $5 – up to a total of $100.

Each person’s share must be $20 or more to earn the reward(s).

Yep, free money baby!

Breakfast with the bestie? Earn $5.
Tacos with your two sisters? Earn $10!
Cases of beer with the whole crew? Earn $5 for every person, up to a total of $100!
And the best part? Our Groupee giveaway starts NOW!

So grab as many friends as you can and get pumping out those group payments all weekend. Friday night bevvies anyone?


How do I pay with Groupee?

Do Recurring Groups count?

How do I claim my $100?
On Monday, we’ll tally up your group payments and load your digital Groupee debit card with $5 for each person you paid with, up to a total of $100. This can be spent anywhere via Apple Pay or Google Pay, just as you would normally use your Groupee debit card.

To make an online purchase, just tap the three dots on your Groupee card when in the app to reveal the card credentials.

Remember, you need to create a group payment to earn the $5, not just join someone else’s payment.

Giveaway ends midnight Sunday – so get tapping!

Any Questions? Send us a note at

*Promotion starts 5:00PM FRIDAY 19TH JUNE, 2020 ENDS MIDNIGHT AEST SUNDAY 21ST JUNE, 2020.
**Groupee will giveaway up to 2000 rewards to a maximum value of $10,000AUD
***JustPay payments not eligible

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