This is how millennials are splitting payments – and it’s genius


Splitting payments. It is a fact of life in 2020. If you’re not using Groupee, you’re well & truly stuck in the past.

Groupee allows you & your friends to instantly split any group expense. Group meals, concert tickets, housemate expenses, travel, hire cars, you name it, you can pay together with Groupee. Rather than lining up to pay, finding an ATM to withdraw cash or having to pick up the whole tab and chasing up your friends, Groupee does all the work for you.

Groupee is available now and free to download from the App Store. Join thousands of Australians who’ve begun splitting payments Groupee to stop paying for their mates who don’t pay them back.


Groupee was created by a Sydney waiter who wanted to speed up bill time and remove the awkwardness of groups paying. Now the app has heaps of users effortlessly splitting payments at not just bars and restaurants, but any shared payment where someone’s left out of pocket.

Splitting payments with Groupee is super easy and can be done two ways. For instance, you can create one-off payments in real time for real time, incidental payments. Alternatively, you can set up recurring groups for ongoing shared expenses to streamline the process even more.

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Groupee is the quickest and most convenient way to pay together. It’s also going to save you a tonne of money because you wont need to follow up your friends for money they owe. There’s also huge giveaways you have a chance to win, just for making your group payments through the Groupee. Invite more friends because you’ll have more chances you have to win!


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