I’ve downloaded pay sharing app Groupee. Now what?

So you’ve just downloaded Groupee? Congratulations.

Welcome to the world’s newest payment movement; where you can embrace a world where no one will ever owe you money again.

Groupee is an app allowing multiple people to share the cost of any purchase in real-time. It harnesses the power of your smart phones digital wallet to help you and your friends to instantly bundle their money, because no one should bear the sting of a group purchase.

Groupee is absolutely jam-packed with features which will help you “pay-share” for every area of your world. Whether you are dining together, gigging together, travelling together or living together, you will be able to leverage the Groupee platform to make paying together effortless.

Here’s the low down on everything Groupee:


How to #paytogether in 7 easy steps:

1. Create a group

From the home screen, tap create a group and tap One-off payment.

2. Name a group

Be as specific or creative as you like (emoji’s welcome).

3. Invite friends

Invite friends through your contacts list.
Alternatively, people can join through the unique join code assigned to the payment.

4. Set payment total

Groupee automatically calculates your share based on how many people in the group.

5. Friends confirm

The pie will fill up and turn green as friends join in and confirm their share.


6. Hold to finalise

As the creator, once everyone has confirmed, hold down the activate button until it turns green.


7. Pay

Once payment confirmation is received, open up your digital wallet to tap on the POS if you’re making the purchase in-store.
If you are buying online, tap the card in the app to reveal it’s credentials.


Groupee is available now and free to download from the App Store and Google Play. Join thousands of Australians who’ve begun splitting payments Groupee to stop paying for their mates who don’t pay them back.

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