Groupee Couples: Argue about what to do, not who pays for what.

Not quite ready for joint bank accounts? Still want to join forces? It’s time to #paytogether with Groupee.

Set up a pre-authorised group once, transact over and over again.

It’s time to forget about awkward money conversations.
There’s no need to keep a tab on who paid for what.
Both your equal share, every time, for anything.

How to make a shared payment using pre-authorised groups

1. Set up and name group

2. Enter the split amount and group money

3. Tap or type to pay the shared expense

Pre-authorised groups makes sharing your experiences without sharing an account a ‘piece of cake’. Whether it’s you or your partner, you both can transact using the group without approvals.

Not going steady? No worries! Groupee powers shared payments for all.

All the single ladies (and lads), those who prefer no labels, or even besties, enjoy the ease of Pre-Authorised groups in your everyday.

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