Our colossal BPAY welcome offer!

To celebrate the launch of our new BPAY feature, we’re giving you 10% cashback on all your bills!

We couldn’t think of a better way to help you and your housemates out than by helping you out with your bills. So all throughout March, when you pay your bills using the BPAY feature on Groupee, we’ll give you a cheeky kicker for taking our new functionality for a spin.

Whether it’s bills for your household, electricity, phone, council rates or even a parking fine, you can now split your bills immediately using BPAY with Groupee.

Pay a bill in 5 steps:

1. Choose the group you want to split the bill with
2. Swipe to select “To BPAY Biller”
3. Add a new biller using the BPAY® details on your bill
4. Select the biller and enter the bill total
5. Hold to Pay Bill

You’ll receive an email receipt straight away to confirm your payment.

We’ve had so much fun building out this feature and are very excited to have you try it out!

And finally, if you’re loving Groupee, we’d love you to share this with others by leaving us a 5 star review and short comment in the App Store or Google Play.

Happy bill paying!

Offer Terms & Conditions:

Some BPAY merchant category codes are deemed “prohibited” for processing within Groupee and will not be honoured. This includes (but not limited to) category codes used for the purposes of paying off credit cards, making forex trades, loading other card products (or similar). If you attempt to process your payment we evaluate as being “prohibited”, Groupee has the right to reverse this payment and refund your charge to its original funding source. For more detail on prohibited payment categories, please see our Terms and Conditions.

Maximum promotion pay out is $150 per person, per bill. Offer ends 31st March, 2021. 

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