Avoiding the “ick”, when dating in post lockdown Australia.

Let’s be real, it’s been a rough 18 months for everyone, so you’d be forgiven if you’re feeling a little bit nervous about getting back into the dating scene.

Maybe you’re fresh out of a relationship or you became a walking-date aficionado during the lockdown? We’ve been cooped up for months at a time, so dating hasn’t been at the top of anyones list.

Wherever you sit on the spectrum from situation-ship to singledom, as lockdowns ease and people start to leave their homes, if you’re anxious putting yourself out there, you’re not alone.

The team at Groupee HQ aka self-proclaimed “dating expert panel” and/or “love gurus” have 5 bits of advice for your return to form. 


Nerves are normal

First things first, let’s take a minute to acknowledge that we are living through a once-in-a-lifetime-economy-destroying-and-government-toppling pandemic!

We haven’t seen or touched our friends, families and colleagues for extended periods of time. It’s completely normal to get butterflies in your stomach at the thought of meeting someone romantically but not being able to physically express affection in the same way that we have in the past.

Embrace the nerves, honour how you feel and then decide how you want to act on those feelings. 


Take your time

Take the pressure off yourself. All we have is time!

As lockdown ends, it can be easy to feel like you have to catch up for lost time and compare yourself to other people, but you are on your own timeline. If that means going on five dates a week or none, there is no need to rush into anything.

Remember, dating is meant to be fun, so take care of yourself first and be kind to yourself and others!


Be authentically you

We promise that not everyone has been working on their post-lockdown rig or cultivating sourdough starter throughout lockdown.

Did you take a sick day to binge Squid Game in one sitting or not eat a single vegetable for a week straight? That makes you relatable and normal.

It’s alright that you might feel anxious about topics to talk about over lockdown — so whether you picked up new hobbies like working out or cooking or you weren’t productive over lockdown, it doesn’t mean that you have nothing to talk about on dates — talk about the past, the future and the things that make you, you! 


Split the bill with Groupee

Money can be a touchy subject when it comes to dating, especially since the pandemic hasn’t been so kind to everyone.

If you’re just getting to know someone and don’t know their financial situation – why don’t you both download Groupee so you don’t have to do the awkward dance around who-owes-what once you get the bill? Groupee allows you to pay your share of the bill, instantly, so you don’t owe anyone anything.

As you start to get to know someone, whether it’s over a coffee date or a 4-course dinner, start a healthy conversation about your financial habits while you split the bill with Groupee.


Make the first move!

It’s 2021 people! At risk of sounding like a cringe dating app, we think it’s time that we stop blaming gendered stereotypes that stop you from getting what you want.

The pandemic has taken away so many things from us, so why not capitalise the things that we can control.

Want to go to a restaurant with that cute person off a dating app? Ask them out! Make that reservation! Carpe diem!

Dating isn’t easy even at the best of times and since re-emerging from the pandemic, we acknowledge that there are more variables than ever that can make or break a relationship. 

Groupee lets you take ownership over one aspect of your relationship. When you use Groupee, you choose to sit in the driver’s seat of your financial situation by splitting your bills, your way. Stop the awkward money conversations so you can focus on the things that matter most.

As an extra encouragement to get you out and about, we’re running a promotion! We’ll give $10 to the host when you create a group with the word “FREEDOM” in the name and make a transaction over $20 per person. Click here for the terms and conditions.  


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