8 reasons to love Groupee

Let’s dive straight into it shall we?

Share payments INSTANTLY!
For real.
We group each person’s share instantly, for a real-time group payment.
None of that pay/request mumbo jumbo.

Don’t front the cost in advance
…or collect money in advance either.
Everyone pays their share, and only their share at time of transaction.
Expenses are shared on the spot!

Skip the awkward chat about “who owes what”
No more chasing money anymore.
Enough said.

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Complete flexibility
You shouldn’t have to pay for Boozie McGee’s drinks tab at the group dinner.
Variable splits let you pay a specific amount.

One legend to drive a payment
…and the rest can kick back with Pre-authorised groups.
Save time and hassle.
The recurring functionality means you can pay over and over with ease.

Do away with the spreadsheets
Every expense settled is on the spot with Groupee.
No ledgers, no expense tracking.
We take care of the admin.

‘Cashless’ is king!
We’re 100% digital. Group money on the phone, then tap in-store.
For online shared payments, type using the card numbers.

Download Groupee NOW via the App Store

So don’t just take our word for it. Give Groupee a go this weekend and see how easy it makes life’s complex group payments.

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