7 reasons why you love-hate your group chat

Whether you’re a Whatsapp kinda gal, a Facebook Messenger kind of guy, or for some reason still using Viber (*raises hand*), I can guarantee your friends group chat is equally the lifeblood of your happiness as it is the bane of your existence.

Here’s why:

1.  All your friends are there!

Everyone in the one place? LOVE!

Group chats are like a digital orgy of convenience and fun times all rolled into one.

Hot, right? But the thing is, group chats (much like orgies) can be a breeding ground for things to turn messy. And when everyone’s fighting for attention, sometimes it’s better to just stand naked awkwardly in the corner.

Which leads me to…


Fun to watch. Ugly to be in.

Like any sort of text messaging, group chats can be a hotbed of misunderstandings and passive aggressiveness.

Yet another reason why someone needs to invent a sarcasm font.

I mean, surely it can’t be that hard.

3.  Memes! So many memes.

The internet is a big and diverse universe of lols and Liz Lemon quotes.

But not everyone’s watched 30 Rock 4 times. So it’s nice to have a curated stream of relatable memes (and Simpsons references) that are guaranteed to be up your alley.

That being said, CAN WE COOL IT WITH THE MEMES? I have a life to live.

4.  Organising dinner is *so* easy.

Friday, two months from now? Just say yes if you can make it.

Yes or no. No in-between. No, we can’t move it.

Yes, they have a vegan menu. No, your partner can’t come because we secretly hate them.

Yes, the restaurant is more than 1km from your house.

That’s too far? It has a bad Yelp review?

Your cat has separation anxiety!? YOU KNOW WHAT JUST FORGET IT!

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5.  Passive-aggressively reminding people they owe you money.

Granted, this is such a boss move to do in a group chat.

But hey, it’s your money! And you sure as hell know how effective it is when you’re on the receiving end of one of those “here’s the receipt from brunch” images.

Pay up bitches, or forever be bitched about in the other group chat.

Alternatively, you could use Groupee, which will save you from this conversation entirely.

6.  Being left on *seen* when arranging plans.

Hate! Duh. But wondering why you could actually love this?

Well sure, crippling rejection from your friends when you want to go ice skating on a Thursday night because you watched a documentary about the Winter Olympics the night before sounds pretty frustrating.

But there’s also something validating about being the only one in the group who has a clear zest for life and actively tries to make plans.

However lame they may be.

7.  Starting another group chat.

Yes, it happens. And people shouldn’t take it personally.

Maybe they’re just not interested in dissecting the neck tattoos of Bachelor In Paradise?

Or maybe they’ve just popped out a kid and are now “boring” by their own admission?

Whatever the case, starting a fresh group chat for a pure and distinct purpose is one of life’s simple pleasures.

But mark my words, if I find out about a group chat that I’m not in, I will go clinically ape-shit. Mums & bubs talk or not, my FOMO just couldn’t’ handle it.

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