Frequently asked questions

What is Groupee all about?
Groupee allows multiple people to instantly group funds, so they can pay together.

Simpler than any split-payment app and compatible with any Australian bank, you can use Groupee any time you wish to share a cost with 1 or more people, so there's never a need to pay anyone back.

Pay your fair share. Instantly. Anywhere, any time, in person or online.
How does Groupee work?
Share payments instantly in 3 easy steps:

1. Create a group and enter the amount you want to pay
2. Click ‘hold to group funds’. Each person’s share of the payment will be instantly debited from their nominated funding source, and loaded onto your Groupee Mastercard®.
3. Pay with your Groupee Mastercard®: either tap your phone to pay in-store, or enter the card details to pay online.

The Groupee Mastercard® is a digital debit card issued automatically to every Groupee customer upon creation of an account. It’s just like any debit card in your wallet, except it’s on your phone!

In order to use the Groupee Mastercard® your smartphone device must be enabled for contactless payments. For iPhones, you’ll need Apple Pay (iPhone 6 or later). For Androids, use Google Pay (Android Lollipop 5.0 or later).
Is Groupee secure?
The security of your financial information and personal data is our absolute priority.

We protect both you and your data with a variety of security features including a password, PIN code, and biometrics (Touch / Face ID).

We use bank-level data encryption to protect and secure your financial data. Our payment partners are some of the world's finest, which use world class, PCI compliant technology to keep your data (and money) safe.

Groupee sends you instant notifications for all account activity to make sure you know where your money is going. We also keep a close watch on any unusual activity so we can identify unauthorised transactions on your Groupee account.
How is Groupee different to other digital payment services and products?
Groupee is totally unique to the payments space. Groupee enables users to pay together so they never need to pay back.

Peer-to-peer payment tools, digital wallets or internet banking services enable the transfer of funds as a way of pre-paying or settling up transactions. Groupee enables people to share payments in real time, removing the need to settle up.

Booking accommodation for 10 people? Don’t wait for each one of them to transfer you in their own time. Just pay with Groupee, and collect payments from 10 different bank accounts (or credit cards) instantly.

Groupee is the world’s first payment sharing tool to give users access to Apple Pay and Google Pay to make instant shared payments both in person and online.
What are the fees?
The service fee is charged when you group funds.

The fee per-person per-transaction is 12.5 cents, plus a percentage of your share of the total transaction. This percentage varies depending on your funding source, and the transaction amount.

For all cards except Amex, customers will pay 12.5 cents in fees, plus:
- 1.95% when your share is $0.00 - $199.99
- 1.25% when your share is $200.00 - $499.99
- 0.80% when your share is $500.00 - $999.99
- 0.50% when your share is $1000.00 and over

Amex customers pay 12.5 cents + a fixed percentage of 2.75%

When paying with Groupee via BPAY, the fee per-person per-transaction is 27.5 cents, plus 0.95% of your share of the total transaction. For Amex cardholders, the fee per-person, per-transaction is 27.5 cents, plus 2.75% of your share of the total transaction.
There are 2 charges from Groupee on my statement, and I’ve never tried to use Groupee before. What do I do?
When users create a Groupee account, we debit two tiny charges to verify their funding card.

If you have received two small charges from Groupee and have not provided us your card details, it's probably because your card details have been compromised. Don't worry--if the person with your card hasn’t got access to your transaction history (i.e. they don’t have your bank account details), we've stopped them in their tracks and they won’t be able to make any purchases on Groupee.

We strongly suggest you report your card as stolen and get a new one. If we have charged you in error, please get in touch and we'll make sure you're refunded as quickly as possible.
How do I verify my card?
When you add a funding card to Groupee, we debit two tiny charges, each less than $1. You then need to have a look at the bank account that the card is linked to, and confirm the amounts of those charges.

We do this so we can confirm that the card you are adding is your own (rather than a lost or stolen card).

In order for the two charges to process successfully, you need to have at least $1 in your account.
Can I use a credit card as my funding source?

Groupee accepts every Australian issued card, so if you like earning points with your purchases, upload your Visa, Mastercard or American Express and pay with Groupee.

NB: Due to the higher cost of processing American Express transactions, using this card type will attract different fees to other schemes. See fees below for more information.
Can I refund or reverse funds back to Groupee users?
Groupee is designed to allow people to share payments in real time. Due to the complex nature of the flow of funds, Groupee does not allow users to reverse a payment once it's been made.

Remember, you can use your Groupee card anywhere that accepts Mastercard, so treat it like any other card you have in your wallet.
What is the difference between creating a group ‘for now’ and ‘for whenever’?
For Now [creates a Live Group]: ideal when you’re sitting around the table, about to pay the bill for a meal, because:

- Anyone can join: other people can jump into the group using the Join Code (the creator of the group doesn’t have to invite them individually) - Everyone pays what they want: you can choose to split evenly or vary the amount each person pays. You shouldn’t have to cop Boozy McGee's cocktails!

For Whenever [creates a Saved Group]: ideal for housemates, travel buddies, best friends… anyone who you trust and pay with all the time, because:

- You don’t need to ask permission every time: You can set a per-head spend limit and once everyone opts in, anyone in the group can transact on behalf of the group without the need to get permission every time. This makes it easy, but also means you should only create these groups with people you trust.
- The group is saved on your home screen: if you’re transacting with the same group of people (your partner; your housemates; your ride or dies), you don’t need to create a new group every time.
- Even splits: everybody shares equally every time. Easy!
We all want to pay different amounts. What do we do?
Click the plus button at the bottom of the Home Screen. Then click ‘for right now’ to create a Live Group, and click ‘variable split’. Each member of the group can then enter the amount they’d like to pay.
‘Group funds’ isn’t working. What do I do?
If one person in the group doesn’t have enough funds on their funding card, you won’t be able to group funds. Everybody else’s share, plus the service fee will be automatically refunded within 30 minutes.

You will get an in-app notification telling you which member of the group didn’t have enough funds, so either ask them to transfer some money to their account, or remove them from the group and try again.
My Groupee Mastercard® card is declining. What do I do?
If your Groupee Mastercard® is declining, it’s probably because you don’t have enough money loaded onto it. Just click ‘More Options’ and ‘Topup Card’ in the home screen to load some extra money from your funding card onto your Groupee Mastercard®.

To avoid this in future, always be mindful of the Merchant Service Fee. This is where the merchant pushes the charge for operating an eftpos machine onto the customer. So the price displayed at the payment gateway is not the same as the price of your purchase.
Can I transfer money to other people?
No. Groupee is not a peer-to-peer payment service, so you can only use the Groupee Mastercard® to pay in-store (by tapping your phone) or online (by entering the card details). Once the funds are loaded onto your Groupee Mastercard®, you cannot transfer them into a bank account.
Can I withdraw funds at an ATM?
The Groupee Mastercard® does not allow ATM withdrawals, however you can transact with the card anywhere that accepts Mastercard®, both in-store and online.
I can’t add the Groupee Mastercard® to my phone’s digital wallet.
You will need to contact your phone provider. If you cannot add the Groupee Mastercard® to your digital wallet, you won’t be able to use Groupee to pay in-store. However, you can still use the card details to pay for things online. Just click on the Groupee Mastercard® in the home screen, and confirm your biometrics (Face or Fingerprint ID) to see the card details.
My phone doesn’t have biometrics (Face or Fingerprint ID), or I don’t feel comfortable enabling biometrics for Groupee. Can I still use Groupee?
No. Unfortunately, Groupee requires biometrics to be enabled. This is so we can provide the best possible protection for your personal and financial security.
We grouped funds and the money is sitting on my Groupee Mastercard®. How do I un-group the funds?
If you’ve grouped funds for your crew, and then you all decide not to go ahead with the payment (maybe someone pulls out of the holiday, or the restaurant doesn’t have any bookings available, or you’ve simply decided to pay another way) we can help you un-group the funds.

Just send an email to explaining the situation, and we’ll re-distribute the funds straight away, by refunding each person’s individual share of the payment straight onto their personal Groupee Mastercard®.

Please note, we can only redistribute the funds if you haven’t spent them yet. If you’ve already spent the money, see below…
We made a payment with Groupee, but we weren’t happy with the product/service and we want it refunded. What do we do?
If you have paid for something on Groupee, and you want it refunded, you need to contact the merchant directly. Groupee is like any other payment method (like a debit card or a credit card): we are just here to help you pay. If you have an issue with what you bought, that’s between you and the merchant.

However, sometimes in worst case scenarios, merchants are non-responsive. So, as part of our consumer protection, you can apply to us for a chargeback in exceptional circumstances.

We provide chargebacks for:

- Fraud: unauthorised transactions (e.g. someone stole your phone and used your Groupee account to make a payment)

- Customer Disputes: Duplicate charges, non-receipt of goods and services, goods that are not as described, services not fit for purpose.

We do not provide chargebacks for change of mind.

To apply for a chargeback:

1. Attempt to resolve the problem directly with the merchant 2. If you cannot resolve the problem directly with the merchant, complete a Chargeback Form, and email it to with the subject: Chargeback Request: [Customer Name]
I was part of a group payment, and my share of the payment was loaded onto my friend’s Groupee Mastercard®. They then used my share to buy something I didn’t authorise. What do I do?
It is really important to limit your use of Groupee to people you trust. Think of it like transferring money to a friend’s bank account. Once the funds are grouped onto your friend’s Groupee Mastercard®, it’s hard to control what they do with it.

Groupee does not intervene to resolve personal disputes between customers. We cannot help you retrieve money off a friend’s Groupee Mastercard® (except in the situations previously outlined), because you authorised that payment.
How can we get in contact with Groupee?
Email us at if you have any more questions.